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1000 Instagram Followers


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Get 1000 Instagram Followers

Get your followers within 5-7 Days.

100% confidential service you will get from this site

100% safety to your Instagram account.

Password not required, only username or email address is required.

No need to follow others.

All you need to do is process your order with us, sit back, and relax.

We will take care of everything for you, and provide you with the best service available.

Please make sure your account is not set to private.


**Please take note that these followers will not like or comment any of your photo. They will just increase the followers count of your account.**


We all know that the Social Media is one of the best marketing channel to get our messages out there nowadays. However, what many people don’t realize is that social media is evolving, sure, we have social networks that are going strong such as Facebook and Twitter, but with increasing active user on Instagram, it is the next social media platform you won’t want to missed.

Almost everyone wants to become popular on Instagram. When you have a large following, you command respect from everyone who views your profile. Being popular on this platform is important if you are an individual or a business. When you are popular as an individual you will look cool and worthy of attention. When your business is popular it will look reputable and high-quality.

When people view your new account, they will be surprised. They will think that “this person has to be special” or “this business has a lot of fans.” Your reputation will grow quickly. We sell premium Instagram followers for a reasonable price. Sign up now!


  1. We will not increase your following
  2. Account must be public in the processing period (If you lock your account in the processing time you will NOT get the followers)
  3. Do not change your username in the processing time
  4. After processing time, you can change your username and lock your account again.


When you buy Instagram followers from us, you can expect:


  • Increase number of followers
  • Increase your social media reach.
  • Get your name in front of millions of other accounts.
  • Crush your competition’s instagram campaigns.
  • Increase your brand recognition.
  • …and so much more.


Some of the biggest celebrities and companies in the world are using services like ours to buy Instagram followers, so you know that it is going to work!


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  15. This is stupid for the people that are actually paying money to get people to follow them on instagram.
    Genius for who ever found a way to sucker people out of money.

  16. I wanna see if this is legit before I make any deposits

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  32. Cool, 1000 followers it’s amazing ?

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  36. What!

  37. Does this work?

    • Yes, What do you want?

  38. I really love this so cool I feel happy ?

  39. (verified owner)

    when do you get the followers?

    • what’s your order number?

  40. (verified owner)

    My order number is 1446

    • It takes 5-6 days to get your followers.

  41. This is my first time I don’t know if it’s legit

    • Tell us some reason that it’s not legit

  42. This is cool

  43. I am disappointed

    • Can You tell us why?

  44. followers and likes

  45. this app is so amazing

  46. Are all the followers added at once or can we select small increments not to make it so obvious?

    • The followers will be added once

  47. Are the people real ?

    • Please note that these followers are not active but they are looking like real profiles/people.

  48. If I bought the followers and likes, does that mean I get the 1,000 likes on every picture I post after I buy the package? Or is it that I only get the 1,000 likes on the next picture I post and then I go back to the regular amount of likes i get on a picture afterwards?

    • It just add once, We can split likes on maximum 20 photos or just on your given URL.

  49. Does this actually work? I want followers, but if Instagram decided to “clean up” profiles will all of the 1000 get deleted ?

    • Followers May drop due to regular instagram updates. We do not guarantee for such loss of followers.

  50. So they are fake accounts and I could lose all of my new followers ?

    • these followers are not active but they are looking like real profiles/people but if that instagram program change ,it’s not predictable.

  51. (verified owner)

    After we get followers ,how long we going have them ?forever or …

    • As long as The program instagram does not change،This is not predictable,This depends on the instagram!

  52. Really?? Do people actually pay to get fake followers, I’d rather earn real followers

    • Thes people are not fake! actually They are quite similar real people but they are not active.

  53. Why do you sell please?

    • Only to Make Your Account look legit and popular.

  54. (verified owner)

    I just checked my account and i lost almost half of them less than one week why is that ?i and i buy them 3_4days ago ????!!

  55. (verified owner)

    Hi another day and i lost another 300 followers i guess tomorrow will gone all of them and i had my follower only less than 1 week

    • We’ll check your problem.

  56. (verified owner)

    I just emailed them thx

  57. Scam. I paid 40$ for 1000 followers, 1000 likes. I got maybe 50 likes. And then most of the followers (500-600) disappeared right after they followed.

  58. (verified owner)

    I bought followers and lost 250 followers today

    • due to recent instagram update many followers drop off, it’s not our fault ! you would have to ensure warranty! pplease not:
      Followers May drop due to regular instagram updates. We do not guarantee for such loss of followers. it is sole responsibility of the buyer. No refill or refund will be given in such case. this issue is same for all sellers in entire world so that does not mean we sell bad followers.

  59. (verified owner)

    Ok i drop another 100 you mean every time i buy folowers instagram will update??????!!!so each week i buy and other week drop omy followers so whats use ??you get the money annd give us follower for short time maximum 2 weeks ‘by the this is not first time happened to me but always your answers the same

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