Upload video up to 140-seconds on Twitter now

Upload video up to 140 seconds on Twitter now

Upload video up to 140 seconds on Twitter now

Micro-blogging website Twitter now lets anyone create video tweets up to 140-seconds-long from the previous 30-second limit, a media report said on Wednesday.

Soon, you may also begin to see longer videos on Vine, a short-form video sharing service. The six-second format will stay but it can now act as “previews” for 140-second videos, technology website Next Web reported.

A new “watch more” button will surface on some Vines that extend beyond the six-second timeframe.

There’s also a new Twitter iOS app called “Engage” to help you track analytics. Engage is meant for “influencers” but anyone can download and use it.

“Twitter’s aim with ‘Engage’ is to help creators engage their audience better and provides detailed real-time metrics so you can grow and retain your audience,” the rpeort said.

In many ways, it’s a bit like Tweetbot for video. You can discover how many likes, new followers and retweets you have (cumulatively), and see video view counts and how many users engaged with those videos.

Opening up a 140-second video on either Twitter or Vine will take you into a full-screen view with suggestions for similar videos.

Twitter is making its “Engage” app available on the App Store in the US and the new long-form videos can be uploaded after an update.

The new full-screen video discovery feature will roll out soon for both iOS and Android, the report added.
source:  Upload video up to 140 seconds on Twitter now