You may have noticed many users copy pasting a post on their Wall alleging Facebook may soon compromise all your private data. Now, Facebook has clarified that it is a hoax. In fact, that post is believed to have surfaced back in 2012.

Facebook issued a statement saying:

“You may have seen a post telling you to copy and paste a notice to retain control over things you share on Facebook. Don’t believe it. Our terms say clearly: You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it’s shared through your privacy and application setting. That’s how it works, and this hasn’t changed.

You can visit Privacy Basics to find out more about who sees what you share on Facebook and other topics.

You can also read the Data Policy to find out what information we collect and how it is used and shared. We want you to be informed and in control of your experience on Facebook.”

The post claimed that writing the message on your Wall could protect your data. Now, Facebook says that users own their data. Either way, copy pasting the post on your Wall is pointless.

source:   Privacy control post is a hoax, clarifies Facebook