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France’s Saip emergency smartphone app failed during Nice attack

App created by French government to warn people of terrorist incidents sent out alert hours after truck attack had happened

                      The French government has vowed to overhaul its new emergency smartphone app designed to alert the public to an ongoing terror attack after it malfunctioned during this week’s attack on Nice. The government’s instant alert app, created after last November’s terrorist attacks across Paris […]

Smartphone app makes solar panels more effective

Smartphone app makes solar panels more effective

  A smartphone app that may help increase the efficiency of solar cells by up to 40 per cent has been developed by a young researcher in Canada and is being used in more than 130 countries. The Simply Solar app helps find out when solar panels are facing the most effective direction and works using […]

as soon Post in 45 different languages on Facebook

45 different languages on Facebook

New York, July 2 : Social networking giant Facebook will soon make it easy for you to communicate with a global audience. The company is introducing a new software that automatically translates your posts to several different languages, a media report said on Saturday. The software makes your published posts visible to people in their […]

Upload video up to 140-seconds on Twitter now

Upload video up to 140 seconds on Twitter now

Micro-blogging website Twitter now lets anyone create video tweets up to 140-seconds-long from the previous 30-second limit, a media report said on Wednesday. Soon, you may also begin to see longer videos on Vine, a short-form video sharing service. The six-second format will stay but it can now act as “previews” for 140-second videos, technology […]

now Twitter lets you retweet your own posts

Twitter now lets you retweet your own posts

In joyful news for narcissists everywhere, Twitter has officially announced that people can now retweet their own posts. Members were only allowed to retweet other accounts so far, so don’t be surprised if there’s a flood of old posts clogging up your timeline now. The procedure to retweet your post is the same as regular […]

Twitter Locks Accounts After User Passwords Sold Online

Twitter Locks Accounts After User Passwords Sold Online

  Twitter announced that it had locked down and called for a password reset of some accounts after almost 33 million passwords were exposed. LeakedSource revealed on Wednesday, June 8, that it had acquired from the user a database of 32.8 million records containing Twitter emails, usernames and passwords. Previously, the same user provided names […]

Facebook is changing the way you ‘tag’ people forever?

We’ve all been tagged in a Facebook post we’d rather not go public on timelines – be it a video revealing your embarrassing dancing or a meme which would make your mum question your innocence. But that could all be about to change, with the social network confirming it is testing a “more discreet” alternative […]

Twitter gets a better look for Android

Twitter gets a better look for Android

New York: Micro-blogging website Twitter is to roll out a new-look Android app with a Material Design developed by Google. The Material Design makes use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects such as lighting and shadows. The app is now split into four tabs Home, Moments, Notifications and Messages which […]

iPhone gets direct Instagram uploads

Latest version of Facebook–owned app lets you share shots from Photos app. Instagram has finally bowed to pressure and released an updated version of its iPhone app which allows users to share their images directly from their devices’ Photos app. Until now, iPhone users had to open the Instagram app to upload pictures. But with […]

Instagram algorithm; best posts first goes live

After revamping its entire look and logo last month, Instagram‘s new algorithm that customizes the sequence of appearance of posts has started to roll out. This algorithm update enables the ‘best posts’ to show first as opposed to the posts showing in a chronological manner. Instagram has revealed that its users on an average miss […]