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Taylor Swift: Someone Hacked Katy Perry’s Twitter

Taylor Swift warned: Someone Hacked Katy Perry’s Twitter Account

Apparently someone on Twitter cares an awful lot about Katy Perry’s relationship with Taylor Swift: A Twitter user hacked her account Monday and tweeted a stream of things, reports E! News. These tweets include, “Miss u baby @TaylorSwift13.” After over a long-reported feud with Swift, it appeared, for a second, that maybe Katy got a […]

Smartphones can be hacked into via USB charging ports

Smartphones can be hacked into via USB charging ports

Smartphones and other devices can be hacked into whilst they are charging at public charging points such as ones found at airports, in cafes or on public transport, new research has revealed. Kaspersky Lab ran tests and found that Android and iOS phones leak a whole litany of private data to the computer are connected […]

John McAfee hack WhatsApp in just one minute!

John McAfee and his team of four hackers managed to hack a WhatsApp message and it took them about a minute.

  John McAfee managed to hack into the Android version of WhatsApp despite the new encryption on the instant messaging app. The tech entrepreneur, alleged criminal and presidential hopeful had some help, he along with a small team of four people completed the hack using their own servers in Colorado, according to CyberSecurity Ventures. LIFARS, […]

Android and ios nearly hacking!?

Android and Apple nearly hacking

over the years, Android and iOS phone makers have come up with strategies to counter hackers from breaking security walls. However, the developers still haven’t prevented these issues. Although this is a high-level threat for consumer privacy, the tech industry hasn’t come up with a solution to overcome this security loophole. Finally, the Federal Trade […]

10-year-old boy was hacked instagram

Instagram hacked by 10-year-old boy

  The boy, who technically is not allowed to even join the site for another three years, discovered a bug that allowed him to delete comments made by other users. The issue was “quickly” fixed after being discovered, said Facebook, which owns Instagram. Jani was paid soon after – making him the youngest ever recipient […]